National Convention

Join us at our National Convention this Easter Weekend.

The National Convention is an annual event on the easter weekend. Alcoholics, newcomers, families, friends, professionals and the media attend a series of AA meetings from Friday Morning to Sunday midday. This is a national event and also attracts international guest speakers. Entrance is free for visitors.

The Board, Convention 2020 Team, KZN Area Assembly and GSO has given consideration to the announcement by the South African government, regarding ‘large gatherings’ and have taken a decision to postpone Convention 2020, indefinitely. 

We will be meeting over the next few days to discuss the way forward and will communicate our decision to you as soon as we have formulated a proposal.  Please allow us this time to conclude our discussions and thereafter, if you have any queries or concerns, please email us on

Yours in service,

AASA Board
Convention 2020 Team
KZN Area Assembly


The Board in conjunction with the KZN Area assembly and Convention 2020 Team have been in discussion regarding Convention 2020 and the spread of Coronavirus. We are aware of members concerns regarding Coronavirus and are monitoring developments. At present NO major events in the country have been cancelled and we are being guided by this. Should government take a decision to cancel major events or if we think that there is any threat to our members concerning Coronavirus, the board in conjunction with the KZN Area and the Convention 2020 Team will promptly put out a notification regarding Convention 2020.

We urge members to watch the news and if there is any information which we may not be aware of, please communicate it to so that it can be circulated. We also appeal to you that only confirmed information from reputable sources be shared. There is a lot of fake news being circulated. In the meantime Convention 2020 will go on as planned.

Yours in service,

Basil P (Board Chair)
2020 KZN Convention Committee